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Who are we?

About Us

About Our Principal Consultant – David Mounter

David brings to the table over 36 years of in-depth experience in both renewable energy and construction sectors. His expertise encompasses the entire renewable energy project lifecycle. Not only has David pioneered innovative strategies for site development and community engagement, but he also excels in steering construction projects towards success. Recognised as a thought leader, David possesses an innate ability to devise distinct solutions for the unique challenges that arise in renewable energy projects. David is a Civil Engineer with Masters degrees in Business Administration, Engineering and Construction Law.

About Our Chief Financial Officer – Andrea Mounter

Andrea has a deep knowledge of governance and financial management. She is a proficient financial analyst and has a wide range of skills in people  management, financing and corporate governance. Andrea is a Chartered Accountant and has an MBA.

About Our Project Manager – Usman Khan

Usman is a skilled engineer with experience across a wide range of industries.  He is very enthusiastic about the tasks he takes on and is outcome focused.

About Our GIS Expert – David Wright

David has a huge amount of experience across many industries and, while we get David to focus on mapping and managing the many spatial datasets that are involved in developing major infrastructure projects, he has extensive knowledge in agriculture and the emerging hydrogen industry.

About our preferred Consultants

We prefer to use consultants who are from places close to project sites, while seeking best capability for delivery of outcomes for the client.  Our Preferred Consultants include:

  • JMG Pty Ltd – Tasmania
  • Blue Power Engineering – Tasmania

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